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VEGAN & WOLVES Collection

We had been flying for more than 20 hours from Jakarta to Los Angeles, and continued the road trip for a few hours. Located just east of Los Angeles, the County of San Bernardino is a haven for travelers. Featuring the natural beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains and the Mojave Desert it is the leading recreational area for Southern California. After such a long wait, it's finally here at Forest Falls!

We had a chance to have a first project with the insanely talented guitarist of I Killed The Prom Queen, Jona Weinhofen, for our "Vegan and Wolves" Collection. This flowing session of image making is an excellent work of Gils Photography.

Why Jona?
Jona is one of our favorite musician of all time, and a major inspiration to veganism, He's also an amazing guitarist, I Killed The Prom Queen / Bleeding Through / Bring Me The Horizon / I Killed The Prom Queen-again . When Jona was a teenager, it was the musicians he admired who exposed him to a vegan lifestyle. Now a vegan for over 15 years, he is inspiring change in others. Jona even has the word ‘VEGAN’ tattooed across his stomach which he proudly tells us is one of his “most meaningful tattoos”. Jona has long been on the growing list of entertainers who are vocal animal activists, he’s also an equally dedicated and public advocate for PETA.

As a face of the Be Cruelty-Free Australia Campaign, he has teamed up with Humane Research Australia, Humane Society International and Choose Cruelty-Free to help end cosmetic testing on animals worldwide. Jona is the epitome of a proud vegan. His twitter feed is filled with educational tweets on animal rights, and food that will make your mouth water.

And finally now we want to show the photos of some of the amazing pieces we have. You really need to come by and see all the incredible things we have to offer. Check It!


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