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SPEED & TORQUE 2nd Batch

The DND EXE's SPEED & TORQUE 2nd Batch Collection featuring collaborative work with awesome man Marshall Sastra and teamed up with photographer Jodie Octora. Taking place in our hometown, Bandung, the photo session going well, and Marshall enjoy his time with The DND EXE's team very much. Marshall Sastra has become known as one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure TV host. He will take you on a wonderful journey through the diverse Indonesian archipelago! Marshall said: "I can't wait to get away on my trip. Venturing is my first love, but I am looking forward to a break from the norm and discovering more about places I've never had the chance to explore before. And to do it all with my best friend will be amazing!". We really like this guy since he seems like a truly nice person, a well-grounded human being and hasn’t changed who he is amid all the attention and fame. He, himself is a walking work of art as he has a good amount of tattoos. He considers his tattoos as a blessing, as they reflect his life and memories.

Few things have captured the passion, the sometimes obsession, of men like the motorcycle. There’s no mystery as to why this is. Motorcycles represent a peculiar combination of several manly elements: danger, speed, singular focus, solitude, mechanics, noise, and physical skill. We absolutely love the Triumph Bonneville. At first glance, it might not be obvious why that’s so. With the timeless style and renowned durability has made it the go to choice for explorers, adventurers and anyone who just loves to go fast with more power. The Bonneville is a speed-orientated motorcycle features the specially tuned high-torque engine that delivers performance where you need it. The quality, performance, capability and comfort of the distinctive character that incorporates more of the original Bonneville DNA.

Many famous men were motorcycle enthusiasts; they combined their passion for things like acting, music, and adventure, with a love for bikes. Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and Bob Dylan rode Triumph Bonneville T120s. Marlon Brando straddled his own Thunderbird 650cc in The Wild One, while Evel Knievel flew a Bonneville over Caesar's Palace fountains. But it was Steve McQueen who really made the Triumph name, when in one of the most memorable moments of 1963's The Great Escape he guns through the German countryside trying to outrun Nazi soldiers on his TR6 Trophy. Motorcycles were a perfect outlet for their zeal for life; riding the open road with the wind in their faces left them invigorated and inspired.

The spontaneity of life, the open road, the spirit of inhibition, and the celebration of freedom were a huge inspiration behind the collection, so of course they had to feature. We continue to make clothing that we are proud to put our name on and pledge to offer you honest value in quality, durability and craftsmanship. This dynamic collection is loaded with new materials, designs, and emblematic symbols of the freedom. It’s just that options are never a bad thing, and the styling of modern apparel calls upon vintage inspiration, which is always a good look.

To launch our SPEED & TORQUE 2nd Batch Collection, we’re giving you key wardrobe builders, from mid-wash jeans, flannel button downs, patterned button ups, the perfect light jackets and much more. The collection includes of-the-moment pieces for you to experiment with—think a two tone sleeve tee and graphics. And we didn’t forget you’ll need elevated accessories to  power up your look, which explains the stylish selection of backpack and headwear. Being a lifestyle brand means we can experiment with a huge range of different products which is so much fun! Fashion and function meet in every single piece.

Ride Motorcycles. Have Fun.


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