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We can hear his bass distortion hypnotizing hundreds of fans at front of the stage. The Metal music still loud with fast paced melodic, ripping the sound system speakers. Everyone feels fine and fun while head banging endlessly. The DND EXE next model, The Creekman superbly performed as musician in the smoky stage. He ended his performance that day with the band by flicking his long hair.

The DND EXE had a great chance to meet with this talented man just after the concert in Cologne, Germany. We talked a little bit about his career as an artist. The Creekman’s life actually can be resumed by triple M: (Music, Model, Metal ). He started being a metal musician with a band called Slamdown, and he easily find that music is his passion. Kevin Creekman, his “real” name, said that after many performances in front of many people he start loving being a model. For Kevin, daily outfit is important state of art that represent character and attitude. The man with beard and tattoos think fashion is somewhat interesting and joyful.

The Photo shoot in Cologne, Germany resulting amazing pictures.  The Creekman looking good with The DND EXE Pride and Passion #Thirdbatch Collection.  Continuing the success of  "Pride and Passion" Collection by Bud Brennan William, The DND EXE presents second batch collaborations with The Creekman. This collection Simply based around flannels, tees, and jackets. These good quality outfits by The DND EXE perfectly fit with the Switzerland born man. Kevin said that is an honor to have a work with clothing company that made finest quality man products. Well, producing best outfit is our pride and make a best clothes is The DND EXE passion. See the entire collection at:


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