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Excitement. We can only find one word to describe our feelings in the Collaboration project with Madi Ross. Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, the photo session was amazing. Madi gives all she got with incredible poses, attractive attitude, and inspirational talks. The result is, as we predict, astonishing.

"Why Madi?"
Madi becomes our model, because she got all the elements we want for the upcoming collection. She got the unique face that comes from Chinese-Australian parents. Honestly, we don't even sure where she come from at the first sight. And we think, Madi's fit body just a great match for our winter collection. She is simply gorgeous. The Thailand based model presenting our fashion philosophy perfectly.

This fun photo session ia also a great work by Alan Chan and friends in the studio. Passion of creating good quality art through images, can only be done with the pride of achievement in your heart. That is THE DND EXE all about.

The DND EXE "Pride and Passion" winter collection is simply based around flannels, tees, and jackets. This collection has been designed by our man in Bandung mostly from sketch to graphic design.You can’t pay people to be proud of what they do, You can’t pay someone to be passionate. The tittle of this collection "Pride and Passion" is rooted in the belief of hard work needs pride and passion.




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