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INTO THE WILD Collection

Nowadays modern people grow and live in the big cities, the environment that provides anything. We eat, work, socialize, and earn money in many instant ways. Modern culture makes our life easier but sometimes it feels boring and stressfully. We forgot there is another environment with different kind of life. Human existence cannot be separated from their own habitat: the nature. The DND EXE believes it is good to back for human basic and traditional way of life in the natural environment. Sometimes we have to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the universe, and be grateful for every natural inspiration that came to us. Into the Wild!

The DND EXE Into the Wild Collection featuring collaborative work with awesome man Zac Herdman and teamed up  with photographer Dom.Taking place at the countryside of United Kingdom, the photo session going well, and Zac enjoy his time with The DND EXE team very much. Zac Herdman is not your typical average model. The Coventry based man worked for various international fashion brands. He is also the drummer of Ruin Band from UK. Right now the unique mustached man also become very popular on instagram for his taste in men style. The musician plus model said photo and video making session that day felt different. The wild and nature surely bring different atmosphere, a peaceful and majestic one.

After the success of "Pride and Passion Second Batch" Collection with The Creekman, The DND EXE Into the Wild Collection comes this summer simply based around flannels and tees. This two kind of clothes fit very well for outdoor activity. Simple, everlasting and useful. This collection has been well designed by our man in Bandung mostly from sketch to graphic design. Into the Wild Collection is our deep thinking about nature and how human live within. See the entire collection at:



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