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As part of its ongoing Spring/Summer 2016, We & Photographer Lucas Coersten has teamed up once again to shoot a lookbook for our latest collection. Featuring collaborative work with awesome man from the band Desasterkids , Andi Phoenix, the photoshoot took place around Lucas's hometown Krefeld, Germany. There are many places we pass in our day-to-day life without even noticing the beauty of them, taking them for granted. Every street, every corner could be worth capturing.

We’ve taken our time with this project and slow cooked every detail. The collection is designed to be a lifestyle collection for everyday men. Our designers have been absolute experts in this and together we’ve created a collection that’s distinguished through the subtleties of each garment. We’re moving in little signals and small messages with these clothes, where people can immediately recognize and appreciate our efforts in every piece from the collection. The result is something every man can feel his best self in. See the exclusive photos of the collection below.

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