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And now here we are, on Atlanta, GA. There’s so much history in Atlanta, ATL became a city in 1837, the city that rose from the ashes of the Civil War. Since then Atlanta has transformed into one of the most beautiful cities the Country has to offer. Atlanta is a perfect city for a photographer or videographer to take advantage of. Downtown Atlanta is home to many exciting attractions and fun-filled destinations. In fact, many of the city’s most sought after attractions are all within walking distance of each other. The close proximity of these major attractions makes the downtown area the ideal place for many visitors to start their exploration of this cosmopolitan southern city.

We had a great chance to meet one of the greatest names of The Chariot, Stephen Harrison (Stevis Reyvis). As a big fan of the band, it's a great honor to have him. Stevis is a model now. we're glad he’s finally putting his hotness to good use. Almost five years had gone by, after our first and only The Chariot show. (Jakarta, May 10,2011). However, talk about the stage act, The Chariot performance can not be expressed by words. Maybe the word "crazy" is the right word to express The Chariot's show at that time. We and the crowd was made stunned throughout the show because of the madness of the band. In fact, their madness such as being able to hypnotize us to be part of it. Crazy! The venue is great, the crowd was greater, and the band was unforgettable. Unfortunately I suspect The Chariot will never play here again, or anywhere else..

Just let it be known that if you had never experienced The Chariot, you've never experienced freedom. If you're a fan of hardcore music, go listen to The Chariot if you haven't already.  If you're not a fan of hardcore music, still go listen for no other reason than to hear what freedom sounds like. It's a powerful experience.  Their music can be found wherever you can find music on the interwebs. And pay attention to Stevis's upcoming projects!

Check out all the awesome photos from our explorations with Stevis around Downtown Atlanta.


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