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Discovering Ventura, CA

Discovering Ventura, CA With PHILIPPLITVIN

Adventuring and photography are two of our favorite things. This is the basis of all of these shoots going forward. People being people. Natural, fun and playful. This is a shot of a good friend of us Philipplitvin. On the way back we couldn't resist going exploring a bit more.  We're so in love with the look that photos gives. We think we will stick with it for a while.
A mere hop, skip and a jump from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, you'll find the scenic California beach town of San Buenaventura (everyone just calls it Ventura). Rich in history, natural beauty and agricultural resources, Ventura is a unique blend of old and new, coast and hillside, country and city. Ventura locals are as diverse as the landscape, yet united in the passion they share for their town.

Imagine being in the desert beneath a clear night sky. You’re peering up, through binoculars or a small telescope, with an astronomer at your side, helping you find distant nebulas and galaxies. Now fancy yourself on horseback, following a soft forest trail through towering redwoods, then reaching a wild coastal beach, elk grazing and resting in the dunes. Or maybe you’re a scuba diver, and you dream of exploring—with an expert guide—a submerged reef off the California coast. Well, stop dreaming. These are just three of the wide range of guided experiences you can have at many of California’s extraordinary national and state parks.
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