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Discovering Huntington, Oregon USA

Discovering Huntington, Oregon USA with Edin & Fudo Jahic

Huntington has the small town appeal with many wonderful things to do. The surrounding area's have a great deal of history. From the Oregon Trail to the golden spike marking the Eastern and Western railroads Huntington has a lot to share. They have the Snake River within 5 miles of us with lots of great fishing. Hunting is great around the area with many places to go. History and Heritage is what Huntington was built on.

Then We caught up with Boise, Idaho based adventure photographer Fudo Jahic for some photshoot with Edin. He's the man behind of some Edin's great photos too.Fudo tell us the reason why he want to become an adventure photographer. He said, "Some images can change the way you view the world for the rest of your life, so in a way, I can emotionally touch peoples lives, and that's one reason I love adventure photography."Fudo's favorite outdoor activity would be hiking up a mountain, He love the physical challenge of it, He love it when He reach the peak and finally see the awesome view!

We got the awesome opportunity to shoot with Edin recently, and it was magnificent. We contacted Edin and said We wanted to collaborate on a shoot, and after a quick scroll through his Instagram feed, We were absolutely convinced as we see more and more of it. He was just getting into modeling, and had a rad look.

Going with more vibe, we picked up a gas station for some quick ideas and decided to go exploring. Here's the preview from our first shoot with Edin. Check it!! :)

Catch up with Fudo via Huck or Instagram and don't forget to follow Edin on Instagram.

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