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DND EXECUTION or we called it The DND EXE™ is a clothing company which provides high quality apparel and stuff for the youth who have an excellent taste of art, music, design and various freedom experssions. We creates garments that we want to easy to wear everyday. Founded at the end of 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia as a small shirt factory. Our success results from providing quality shirts for some local / independent brands. Not only for Bandung local brands, but also for some brands from another big cities in Indonesia.

Our capabilities to produce quality shirt with the high attention to details, and also the ability to represent the lifestyle of fashion trends made us want to produce our own goods. With our reputation to produce quality shirt as our business core, we launch our own label in 2011 in same name with our factory, The DND EXE

As a quality shirt maker as our business core, we can present various unique design of shirt based on our experiences and our sensitivity in lifestyle and trends. Urban lifestyle is the most influence for us to produce a simple and clean product.
But music and art, as a part of our lifes give us most important elements especially represents as the details of our products.

The core ouf our business in “executed” quality shirt, represent in our “Scissors” Logo. The “Scissors” logo represent our capabilities & abilities to produce handmade quality goods, not only shirt, but also t- shirts, pants, jackets and another apparel line.

We market our products through our online store and also we sell our product in some nation-wide retailer. Such as in Padang, Jakarta, Makassar, and Bali.

In the future, we want to continously produce our products and have a not only nation-wide distribution, but also strong world-wide distribution. Our focus is to be the best apparel line / clothing company and keep the best relationship with our partners so we can growth together.


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